Hi, I am Jackie! Thank you for visiting my website. I love sharing the story of how I fell in love with photography and became a “visual storyteller.” My photography journey began around two years old when I would spend countless hours carrying around a clunky, broken Polaroid camera and stage my Barbie dolls for fake photo shoots. I received my second camera – a plastic McDonald’s happy meal toy camera – when I was four. My camera couldn’t take “real” photos, but I still carried it everywhere I went for the next two years.

I received my first film camera at age six and my love for photography suddenly transformed into a hobby and a passion. I took countless photos of birdhouses, Barbie dolls with flash lights on them to experiment with lighting, my triplet-sister posed in awkward positions, and my brother playing baseball. I learned how to use lighting and posing to flatter my subjects and knew by age nine that portraiture was my passion. I used my babysitting money to buy my first Nikon DLSR camera at age 9 and never looked back.

I have always been my happiest and most comfortable behind my camera. Photography has allowed me to travel to unique places and meet the best of people. I absolutely love every couple and families that I work with. One of the most beautiful things about photography is when my friends become clients and when my clients become friends. I love watching families grow up in front of my lens, add new family members, and make new memories.

My dream is to use photography to capture timeless, classic, professional portraits for my clients that will document their love story and their family for years to come. I strive to tell a story with every photo that I take. I want your photos to preserve the experiences, laughter, and love within your relationship/family for years to come. I can’t wait to meet you and capture your story.